Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day Celebration

On Thursday, April 22, 2010, St. Nicholas Cathedral School held a special celebration for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by unveiling a new school garden.  The 7th grade class and a group of dedicated students in the Garden Club led by Mrs. Melissa Talaber Matwyshyn and the principal Mrs. Maria Klysh-Finiak prepared a raised bed native butterfly garden.  The celebration included presentations on recycling, nutrition, and native prairie gardening which provided insight into the importance of valuing and respecting our environment.
  Parents and guests helped in celebrating the importance of this project along with the students, teachers, and staff of St. Nicholas Cathedral School.  Among those in attendance included Fr. Nalysnyk, Fr. Kryvokulsy, Alderman Waguespack, 13th District Police Commander Judy Martin, and interested community.  

To see additional photos of the students building the garden and greening the school grounds, please go to Mrs. Talaber's Science Classroom Page.

 Upper grades play Eco Jeopady!

Story time for the lower grades

Healthy snacks of fruit and vegetables for the children

Fr. Bohdan and Fr. Oleh bless the garden

Students present on recycling, nutrition 
and the waste audit they conducted

School children, teachers, and honored guests

Mrs. Maria Klysh-Finiak, principal; Alderman Scott Waguespack; 13th District Police Commander Judy Martin; and Mrs. Melissa Talaber, Science teacher and Garden Club moderator stand in front of the raised flower bed